Active Alerts

Northwest Campus

Northwest Campus ·
A major construction project by the City of East Lansing to improve underground sewer infrastructure.

Clinical Center

Bott Nursing, Clinical Center A/B ·
Remaining pavement and sidewalk between Bott Nursing and Clinical A/B will be removed and new sidewalk installed.

Cowles House

Cowles House ·
Renovations to Cowles House.

Munn Ice Arena

Munn Ice Arena ·
Addition on the south side of Munn Ice Arena

Bogue Street

Bogue Street ·
Closure of the right southbound lane of Bogue Street for implementation of protected bike lanes pilot project.

Hannah Administration

Hannah Administration ·
Completing general office renovation of room 10 including demolition, lighting, flooring, painting, office furniture and installation of several windows for daylighting.

Chemistry (Lecture Wing)

Chemistry (Lecture Wing) ·
Temporary shutdown of building hot water heat.

Computer Center

Computer Center ·
Roofing department will be power washing limestone on the building.

West Circle Drive

West Circle Drive ·
Closure of the southern sidewalk along westbound West Circle Drive, between Abbot Road and Beal Street, in front of Cowles House.

Red Cedar River

Red Cedar River ·
Closure of the river walk and bike path from Beal St. for riverbank stabilization. The scope of the project is to restore the south side of Red Cedar River stream bank by Beal Bridge.

Future Alerts

Fee Hall

Fee Hall ·
Abatement of asbestos-containing materials in rooms B401, B404, B417, B419 and B419A.

Wharton Center for Performing Arts

Wharton Center for Performing Arts ·
Testing of life-safety generator

Biomedical Physical Sciences

Biomedical Physical Sciences ·
Testing of life-safety generator

MSU College of Law

MSU College of Law ·
Testing of life-safety generator

Olin Health Center

Olin Health Center ·
Testing of life-safety generator

Veterinary Research (Building J)

Veterinary Research (Building J) ·
Temporary building wide power outage.

International Center and Wells Hall

International Center and Wells Hall ·
Chilled water system flush and replacement of isolation valves

Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture

Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture ·
Testing of life-safety fire alarm system. Technicians will bypass the speakers and strobes in the facility to test all initiation devices on the fire alarm system silently.

University Research Containment Facility

University Research Containment Facility ·
Testing of life-safety generator

Marshall-Adams Hall

Marshall-Adams Hall ·
Testing of life-safety generator