2022: The Year in Review

With a university the size of a small city, our focus is supporting MSU’s infrastructure needs while being responsible stewards of MSU’s resources and minimizing our environmental impact. Here are just a few of the highlights from IPF’s work in 2022.

Reduced Building Services over Winter Break

IPF to reduce building services over the extended break

Behind the Scenes @ MSU: tracking our assets

How does IPF keep track of over 570 buildings and their major equipment like furnaces, roofs, and elevators? The answer is the Asset Management Team.

Be a winter-smart Spartan

Smart Spartans know that when Michigan becomes a "winter wonderland" good snow and ice practices will keep you safe and secure.

More than setting the stage: the IPF Setup Crew

MSU’s East Lansing campus is always bustling with activity: meetings, conferences, lectures, athletic events, workshops, office remodels, lab upgrades. MSU’s interior spaces are where much of this activity takes place, readied by IPF’s Setup Crew.

Behind the Scenes @ MSU: keeping the water flowing

IPF provides water services to almost 50,000 students and more than 12,000 faculty and support staff at MSU. That’s why IPF has its own Plumbing Services department.

IPF to Switch off Building Cooling for Cold Season

With October upon us, outside temperatures now are consistently in ranges where mechanical building cooling is no longer needed. Read more for simple energy conservation measures.

Campus Plan Update: preliminary findings

The University Facilities and Land Use Plan team has finished its initial analysis and listening phase and has preliminary observations and recommendations for the future of MSU’s infrastructure.

IPF installs new and upgraded campus lighting

IPF has recently completed a campuswide update of exterior lighting which will reduce MSU’s energy usage and also increase safety for Spartans who are traversing campus at night.

Behind the Scenes @ MSU: classroom tech carts

This behind-the-scenes series explores the "everyday" work IPF does to support MSU's teaching, learning and research missions. Did you know that all of the tech carts in MSU classrooms are made right here in IPF's Carpentry Shop?