New CNC machine reduces time and cost to manufacture precision components

Sustainability is one of IPF's key missions, and its application can be seen in projects as big as the STEM Teaching and Learning Building and as small as a golf ball-sized piece of plastic.

Drones to aid in building inspections, surveys

MSU faculty and staff can expect to see drones flying near buildings regularly now that Infrastructure Planning and Facilities has put autonomous drones into operation as a safer and cheaper alternative to having work crews use aerial lifts.

IPF skilled tradespeople provide hands-on instruction for construction management students

Established in 1948, Construction Management Program in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is once again incorporating hands-on construction experience to their curriculum.

MSU worm farm turns food waste into profit

MSU vermicomposting operation at the Surplus Store and Recycling promotes campus sustainability and research projects with 1 million worms, and lots of leaves and food waste.

STEM building wins multiple national, state awards for innovation, construction and design

A brief tour of the STEM Teaching and Learning Facility showing its mass timber framing while it was in the final stages of completion.

MSU begins campus planning efforts, needs campus feedback

Beginning in March, MSU is conducting a comprehensive Facilities and Land Use Plan review for the East Lansing campus and statewide facilities and properties. Campus planning is an essential opportunity for users of MSU's physical space to provide feedback to those who build and maintain it.

2022 Arbor Day Celebration

MSU will celebrate the 150th Arbor Day with a tree planting and more.

2022 Spring Cooling Reminder

It's Women in Construction Week

March 6—12, 2022 is Women in Construction Week (WIC Week). To help us celebrate, take a look at some stories that highlight the work of women not only in construction but in the larger umbrella of skilled trades.

Making a home for falcons at Spartan Stadium

A pair of nesting peregrine falcons at MSU's East Lansing campus have a new nesting box they could call home thanks to the work of the student Fisheries and Wildlife Club with a little help from Infrastructure Planning and Facilities.