Campus Plan Update: preliminary findings

The University Facilities and Land Use Plan team has finished its initial analysis and listening phase and has preliminary observations and recommendations for the future of MSU’s infrastructure.

IPF installs new and upgraded campus lighting

IPF has recently completed a campuswide update of exterior lighting which will reduce MSU’s energy usage and also increase safety for Spartans who are traversing campus at night.

Behind the Scenes @ MSU: classroom tech carts

This behind-the-scenes series explores the "everyday" work IPF does to support MSU's teaching, learning and research missions. Did you know that all of the tech carts in MSU classrooms are made right here in IPF's Carpentry Shop?

Downed MSU trees find new life on campus

What happens when trees need to be removed because of damage, safety concerns, or new construction? They stay on campus, in more ways than one.

Campus Events Office helps make MSU events a success

Events both large and small are a common occurrence at MSU, and the IPF Campus Events Office coordinates many of the logistics and services to ensure events run smoothly. 

Day or night, IPF's Trouble Truck crew is on the job

Michigan State University is a town in and of itself. And just like in any town, repairs and other issues can crop up when you least expect them. That’s where IPF’s Trouble Truck crew comes in.

The unmarked, unassuming building that once supplied water to campus for 7 decades

Unlabeled on campus maps, this nondescript brick building and its adjacent raised grass mound sit just west the Engineering Building and south of the STEM Teaching and Learning Facility. Its only sign gives its address, 874 Red Cedar Road.

Summer Construction Update

Campus crews will be busy this summer with multiple significant construction projects moving forward. Here’s a summary of what you can expect to see under construction on MSU’s East Lansing Campus this summer.

Key Shop Resumes Deliveries

The IPF Key Shop will deliver keys to customers at no additional cost if delivery is requested in the service request. The service had been suspended due to the effects of the COVID pandemic.

Training the next generation of skilled tradespeople: Avery Cervantes Lalone

An important part of ensuring the future of the skilled trades is attracting and training new talent, and part of that process is offering new tradespeople real life experience in their chosen field.