Get to know your IPF crews: Paint Shop

The years and breadth of experience this team possesses makes them a formidable talent, and their attention to customer services has their campus partners coming back time and time again for their expertise.

IPF helps MSU surpass energy goals

MSU has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for surpassing its Better Buildings Challenge goal, set almost 10 years ago.

Get to know IPF: Bryan Cummings

Bryan Cummings wanted to make a real difference in how safety is practiced in the workplace. And, although he has been IPF Power and Water’s environmental health and safety (EHS) officer for just over a year, his impact is undeniable. 

Steam valves to steampunk

Recently, IPF Architect Jeff Kasdorf, in partnership with Katy Litwin, senior associate with Integrated Design Solutions (IDS), the architectural design firm for the STEM facility project, came up with the concept of using industrial elements salvaged from the old Shaw Lane Power Plant in the creation of art pieces for the new STEM building. 

The Focus - July 2020

The July 2020 issue of The Focus e-newsletter from Infrastructure Planning and Facilities

R.I.C.E. – helping reduce MSU’s carbon footprint

The Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine (R.I.C.E.) technology that is being deployed at the T.B. Simon Power Plant is more responsive, offers additional flexibility, and operates at higher efficiency than the traditional generation units currently in use.  

STEM facility blooms from dormant power plant roots

It’s hard not to notice the two huge additions rising adjacent to the old Shaw Lane Power Plant. A myriad of activity is resulting in the erection of a first-of-its-kind for MSU – a STEM teaching and research facility constructed using mass timber. 

Empowering employee development during COVID

Not only do employees benefit from this development, IPF benefits as well. Improvements to an employee’s specific trade skillset, as well as interpersonal relationship skills, ultimately has a positive effect on the work we do for our campus partners. They see IPF employees who are more confident, talented and have better communication skills – skills which can often make the difference between a satisfactory experience and an exceptional one. 

Congratulations to Louie Hengesbach: IPF Employee of the Quarter 

“I really enjoy helping people, so I feel fortunate to be able to work at such a unique place where we get to support students, research and the community,” Hengesbach said.

The Focus - June 2020

The June 2020 issue of The Focus e-newsletter from Infrastructure Planning and Facilities