Profiles in Power: Donna Jones and Cher Briggs

The field of power and water has traditionally been a male-dominated one, but today we're highlighting the first two women at MSU to become stationary engineers.

MSU honored for special achievement in GIS

MSU received the award for its innovative use of mapping and analytics technology, as well as leadership in the field of facilities management.

Get to know the IPF team: Josh Ridner

"In the Big 10 you're working together to solve problems, which is so much different. It's been really fun learning from other people and them learning from us."

IPF and MSU Libraries launch DEI Library Guide

This guide, designed for the larger campus community, offers DEI resources to further understanding of the content that's at the core of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Grant helps MSU welcome bees and butterflies to campus

Not only does MSU have 20,000 trees on campus and counting, it’s also becoming a more friendly place for bees, butterflies, and other native pollinators.

Student employee brings a different skilled trade to IPF: music

Student employee Noah Miller bridges two different worlds: skilled trades and music performance.

Get to Know IPF: James Kieselbach

Kieselback, a Spartan since entering MSU as a student in 1989, has been coaching youth bowling leagues for eight years.

Campus prepares for Spring 2021 outdoor commencement ceremonies

IPF and partners prepare for MSU's spring 2021 outdoor commencement ceremonies

IPF collaborates with ComArtSci on mobile lab to study stuttering in children

A collaboration between IPF and the College of Communication Arts and Sciences led to the creation of an innovative mobile lab.

Celebrating Earth Day 2021

IPF celebrates 51st annual Earth Day