Darwin Meirndorf receives Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award

Pedaling toward sustainability: the journey of MSU Bikes

The MSU Bikes Service Center sits at the heart of campus, a full-service bike shop owned and operated by MSU that serves Spartans and community members alike.

Maintaining a large university campus: capital renewal

MSU has a wide range of infrastructure that must be maintained, which involves much more than just ensuring the grass is mowed and the buildings are clean. One critical aspect of this maintenance is capital renewal—a process that ensures the longevity of campus facilities.

First Red Cedar River cleanup a great success

Ten bikes and a lot of random bike parts were removed from the river, and eight cubic yards of trash were collected from Sanford wood lot and Old College field riverbank. IPF's Landscape Services crew led the effort with staff and members of the MSU community joining in on this first of many Red Cedar River Cleanup events.

Behind the Scenes @ MSU: crafting MSU's iconic lanterns

On the first floor of the IPF Building in the southern part of MSU’s bustling campus lies a hidden gem of craftsmanship: the Metal Shop. In this workshop, IPF metalworkers have been transforming sheets of copper into the iconic lanterns that grace the university's walkways.

Behind the Scenes @ MSU: from student lounge to elite gaming lounge

Thanks to a partnership with Dell Technologies, a new space at MSU provides an elite gaming environment for students to train and compete in esports at the highest level: the Alienware MSU Esports Lounge. Preparing the space for Alienware’s installation was a challenge, but one that IPF’s Alterations and Improvements crew was more than up to meeting.

MSU joins Consumers Energy Renewable Energy Program

MSU is taking another step toward advancing its goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2030. Through an agreement with Consumers Energy, the university will have support in eliminating over 292,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide and achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Board of Trustees approves framework for future infrastructure development

The Michigan State University Board of Trustees recently approved Vision 2050: An Integrated Facilities and Land Use Plan, the result of nearly two-years of engagement with the Spartan community.

MSU Museum debuts new exhibit highlighting domicology

The MSU Museum has a new exhibit called Domicology: The Life Cycle of Our Built Environment, created with the help of the MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center. The exhibition explores the ways we can shift our thinking about how we construct our buildings to better support communities and the environment.

2023: The Year in Review

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) plans, builds, maintains and beautifies MSU’s physical campus environment and directs the university’s long-term infrastructure planning goals. With a university the size of a small city, our focus is supporting MSU’s infrastructure needs while being responsible stewards of MSU’s resources and minimizing our environmental impact.

Here are just a few of the highlights from IPF’s work in 2023.