Get to know IPF: Carolyn Miller

For some, the phrase ‘tree hugger’ has derogatory connotations; Carolyn Miller wears it as a badge of honor.

New substation provides grounds for improved service

On Sept. 4, several dozen IPF Landscape Services staff members descended on the site of the former River Water Research Center to prepare it for use as a regional substation for snow removal, grounds maintenance and post-event trash collection. 

Innovative building delivery method saves business college $800,000

MSU IPF and its Edward J. Minskoff Pavilion construction partners used an innovative project planning and delivery method that not only helped the building open on schedule but also come in under budget.

Facilities Focus - October 2019 - Volume 6

Volume six of the Facilities Focus e-newsletter

Get to know IPF: Justin Mullins

Lights on…lights off, heat on…heat off, air on…air off; it’s the rhythm of the campus. Justin Mullins knows how to keep the beat and adjust the tempo to ensure efficient building operations.

Helping others help others

IPF is a massive and complex beast; being a greenhorn here can be intimidating. Enter the Buddy Program.

IPF receives funding to restore Red Cedar riverbanks

A living lab and place of relaxation to students, faculty, staff and surrounding communities, the Red Cedar River runs for three miles through campus and its beauty is easily seen by all passersby. But less obvious is how threatened the river is by erosion, something that IPF is working to change.

IPF arborists help students branch out

The south lawn of the IPF Building became the classroom on Sept. 10, as 44 students from Department of Horticulture instructor Marcus Duck’s HRT 213L Landscape Maintenance Field Laboratory classes took to the trees as part of workshops designed to help them develop an understanding and appreciation for safety and climbing techniques used in the care of large trees.

Riverbank Restoration 2019

Volunteers are needed for this important riverbank restoration initiative.

A new chapter for a Library roof

For some, the idea of a “green” roof conjures up visions of landscaping staff pushing lawn mowers over the tops of campus buildings. But in reality, installing a green roof is a low-maintenance way of replacing natural spaces that were lost as part of building construction.