Get to know your IPF crews: Key Shop/Security/Electronics

A world away in remote Afghanistan, Eric Strouse, 18-year veteran of the United States Air Force and Air National Guard, and supervisor of IPF’s Access Control and Security Systems department, focuses on the mission at hand – helping ensure the safety of the lives of the pilots he works closely with by maintaining their fighter jets’ weapon systems. With him, is a little piece of IPF – a photo of his crew members at home.

IPF partners with the MSU Museum to bring the world to campus

The MSU Museum recently partnered with IPF and other campus units to create the new Science on a Sphere exhibit, a room-sized, global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a six-foot diameter sphere, giving the effect of a giant animated globe.

Keeping the Spartan spirit flowing

Spartan Stadium; football, fans, food and fun, all under Michigan autumn skies. Concessions and amenities running smoothly, regardless of the weather. But what happens when temperatures fall, and winter’s chill sweeps through the concourses, determined to freeze pipes, immobilize fixtures and put the fun on ice?

Get to know IPF: Stacy Nurenberg

Stacy Nurenberg’s connection to IPF has been a long and rewarding one. From an early 1990s “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” when a young farm girl learned firsthand what her dad’s job at the MSU Physical Plant was all about, through four years as a student employee while earning her Engineering degree, up to present day where Nurenberg has received the IPF Employee of the Quarter Award.

IPF student employee carries a surplus of responsibilities

It’s the day of the Shop Everything MSU event at the MSU Surplus Store, and the event coordinator is moving across the sales floor faster than a discounted iMac. She’s darting from vendor to vendor making sure everyone has what they need, maintaining communication with dozens of store staff to ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible.

Facilities Focus - December 2019 - Volume 8

Volume eight of the Facilities Focus e-newsletter

Get to know your IPF crews: Stockroom

What do you get when you combine a hardware store, a car buyer, personal shoppers and a rent-all store? You get the IPF Materials and Logistics Stockroom. Its staff handles everything from van purchasing to jackhammer loans, with a whole lot in between.

IPF helps Engineering students gain real-world experience

Imagine a fleet of robots, mowing their way across acres of campus fields, freeing up skilled staff so they may tackle the hundreds of other essential landscaping duties that keep our campus looking beautiful.

From cutting grass to “cutting-edge” 

IPF Landscape Services manager Matt Bailey and his staff are employing new green industry technologies that have the potential to save money and more efficiently deploy staffing, all while continuing to keep the campus landscape beautiful and safe.

Facilities Focus - November 2019 - Volume 7

Volume seven of the Facilities Focus e-newsletter