Darwin Meirndorf receives Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award

Side of a building on campus with a large Spartan helmet

May 13, 2024

Jack Meirndorf in an IPF t-shirt and baseball cap

Please join us in celebration via livestream of our own 2024 Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff award recipient, Darwin Meirndorf! He’ll be officially awarded this recognition during a celebration on Monday, May 13, 2024 at 12:45 p.m. to honor MSU’s 2024 Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award recipients, along with the Ruth Jameyson "Above and Beyond" Award recipient. A recording of the ceremony will also be made available.

The Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award is presented annually to six university support staff members, hand-selected from nominations received by the recipients’ colleagues. Selection criteria for recipients include overall excellence in job performance, supportive attitude and contributions to the unit or university that lead to improved efficiency or effectiveness, and valuable service to the university. The award is named in honor of Jack Breslin, who served Michigan State University as a student leader, honored athlete, top administrator and steadfast advocate.

Darwin’s nominators have a lot of wonderful things to say about him and his dedication to MSU. 

Below are some of the comments they provided the selection committee.

“Darwin's dedication, problem-solving skills, and quick response to issues are truly commendable. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that MSU's facilities are in optimal working condition, even in the face of unexpected challenges.”
nominator from Residential Dining
“Darwin has had a long and successful history with the university. He started working at the university in 1980 at the Bakery. He was very professional when it came to customer service and took the time to teach me the ways of MSU. He is deeply knowledgeable of every type of HVAC system we have on campus from the oldest of systems to the newest of technologies. He is hands down one of the hardest working and most knowledgeable mechanics I have ever been around, on or off campus. He is the type of person who always puts the best interest of the University first. He is always the first person to help family, friends, and the community food bank outside of work as well. He is the type of individual that represents MSU in every aspect the university is looking for in an employee.”
nominator from IPF
“Darwin interacts well with both customers and coworkers, showing both care and consideration for others. When dealing with customers Darwin would be sure to make initial contact with them to hear their concerns before going to work on the problem. This increases efficiency and reduces the need for a return call by knowing more than just the basic information relayed through the work order.”
nominator from IPF
“On numerous occasions throughout my career, I have found myself in challenging situations within the MSU dining halls. In these critical moments, all it took was a simple call to Darwin who would immediately spring into action to address the issue. He not only managed to temporarily fix the problem, but he also worked tirelessly to ensure that the necessary replacement parts were ordered promptly. Once the replacement parts arrived, Darwin wasted no time in making the necessary repairs, allowing us to continue our operations without missing a beat. His unwavering commitment to ensuring the smooth functioning of our facilities has been invaluable.”
nominator from Residential Dining

The Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award is one of the most prestigious commendations bestowed upon support staff employees at Michigan State University. To nominate someone for the 2025 award, view the nomination information on MSU HR's website