Service Level Agreement Initiative

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The IPF Service Level Agreement (SLA) initiative identifies the roles, responsibilities, expectations, service standards and financial commitments involved in providing general fund and cost recovery services for all university-owned facilities and grounds. IPF Asset Data Collection Initiative (ADCI) is a comprehensive program that includes building-by-building Facility Condition Assessments (FCA), building asset inventories, and mapping (locating) the assets within each building. The SLA is a complementary document that follows ADCI to ensure all assets, asset ownership, maintenance needs, and financial responsibilities are clearly defined. The ownership and use of the space shall dictate which SLA is required, University Wide SLA or Specific SLA. 

The University-Wide Service Level Agreement identifies services covered by the general fund for campus facilities. IPF is funded to maintain components of general-fund facilities used by academic or administrative departments, which does not include Auxiliary facilities. If equipment or services are identified as cost-recovery in the University-Wide SLA, then the department must arrange and pay for those services. This will be documented in a Specific SLA.

Specific SLA Identifies how cost-recovery services will be provided and by whom. A Specific SLA will identify the department’s financial responsibility for maintenance and repair of customer-owned assets, and if additional services are desired.