Get to know IPF: Johanna Faucett

If you’re near the Building Services Business Office sometime after 4:30 p.m. and it sounds like a concert going on, you’re not hallucinating, it’s just administrative assistant Johanna Faucett grooving out to her favorite tunes and taking advantage of the lack of interruptions to complete some important work.

IPF employee EMMA celebrates its one-year anniversary

It doesn’t talk much, and its personality isn’t anything to speak of; but it’s one heck of a worker, and a valuable member of the custodial crew at the Biomedical Physical Science Building.

IPF helps the MSU community memorialize its people and history

For more than 150 years, MSU has given campus and community members the opportunity to celebrate the lives of those dear to them via the Commemorative Tree and Bench Program.

Facilities Focus - June 2019 - Volume 2

Volume two of the new Facilities Focus newsletter

IPF champions university-wide licensing of Promapp

With leadership from Team IPF, and in collaboration with MSU Purchasing, the university has negotiated an enterprise license for Promapp, the system that allows users to document, store and share business processes and procedures. This licensing agreement will result in significant savings for the university.

Get to know IPF: Derek Cuthbert

Derek Cuthbert, one of three IPF electricians who primarily maintain campus fire alarms, has always had an interest in electrical work.

“Big Mo” to the rescue!

In the early hours of Thursday, May 30, electrical service entrance equipment at Owen Hall failed, causing a partial building power outage. A short time later, Team IPF was on the scene deploying their large, mobile electrical generator known affectionately as “Big Mo.”

Spartan fans get a chance to own a piece of MSU history

In April, the turf field was replaced at Spartan Stadium to improve the quality of the playing surface, which had become worn after years of play. About 200 rolls of the old turf was sold through the Surplus Store to Spartan alumni and fans.

Get to know IPF: Yun Cao

Meet IPF landscape architect Yun Cao, who is passionate about creating sustainable yet aesthetic environments for MSU.

Facilities Focus - Volume 1 - May 2019

Volume one of the new Facilities Focus newsletter