Meet IPF’s campus arborist, Jerry Wahl

Jerry Wahl is passionate about the beauty of MSU’s grounds and fortunate enough to have made it his profession. His journey into landscape service began while attending MSU and working for IPF.

IPF business leaders focus on goals at retreat

With the focus on IPF’s vision to be the most high-performing, leading-edge facilities organization nationally, business leaders met in March to discuss organizational goals for 2019 at the annual strategy retreat held on campus.

IPF hosts Consumers Energy CEO for presentation and lunch meeting

MSU and Consumers Energy share a long and beneficial partnership, such as when the power plant worked with Consumers when it switched from coal to natural gas. The latest collaboration between the university and the Jackson-based power company brought Patti Poppe, the president and CEO of Consumers Energy and its parent company CMS Energy, to campus to speak to students, faculty and staff as a guest of IPF recently at the Kellogg Center.

Get to Know IPF: Keene Beach

IPF promotes numerous sustainable solutions, and Keene Beach is proud to be working for an organization in which environmental concerns are a priority.

Lansing School District students tour IPF to see future career opportunities

About 30 Lansing high school seniors and staff recently had the opportunity to visit IPF and learn about what we do and career opportunities here. The tour is part of an IPF initiative to increase engagement with area middle and high school students.

Congratulations to Maranda Holtsclaw: Employee of the Quarter

Maranda Holtsclaw is a people person, by her own admission. Thankfully, in her job as a planner/inspector/analyst for Asset Management, she has ample opportunity to interact with a variety IPF staff.

MSU Dairy Store honors IPF employees

At The MSU Dairy Store, there’s a flavor of ice cream so exclusive that it’s not even listed on their website. What’s even better is that this flavor was made to specifically thank the IPF team for their efforts in handling emergency weather situations in January.

The MSU Surplus Store makes a sales slam dunk

The previous three fiscal years the MSU Surplus Store hit double-digit growth every year, and this fiscal year it now has surpassed the sales for the entire last year in half the time. 

IPF’s Kendra Schroeder gives keynote speech at global conference

Showing the respect that partners have for IPF’s innovation and performance, an IPF staff member was invited to travel to Athens, Greece, all expenses paid, to give a keynote address at software-provider Accruent’s annual conference last month. 

IPF HR accepts diversity award

For its innovations in using data, internal and external review, and inclusive practices at all levels to meaningfully change the culture, IPF is awarded a Unit – Excellent Progress toward Diversity Collaboration award.