IPF helps MSU host another successful Odyssey of the Mind

Over 900 teams flooded the campus to participate, which required advance preparation and maintenance work from various IPF departments. The event brought about 16,000 people to East Lansing, with 8,000 staying on campus.

Facilities Focus - July 2019 - Volume 3

Volume three of the Facilities Focus e-newsletter

Red Cedar River Clean-up July 13

The grass is growin'...and Mow-bot's mowin'

This is the first summer that Landscape Services is testing their autonomous lawn-mowing robot. So far, Munn, Cherry Lane, Veterinary Medicine, Spartan Village and I.M. Sports – East fields have all been cut using this new technology.

PDC helps staff chart out their futures

Over the last year, PDC staff have collaborated on the creation of an eye-catching wall graphic that promotes career development in each of the department’s unique disciplines.

Send in the drones!

Staff at the T.B. Simon Power Plant have been employing drone technology to visually inspect the inside of the seven-story-tall boilers, a job that normally requires many staff hours and extensive scaffolding deployment.

Get to know IPF: Eric Doolittle

Doolittle, an 11-year veteran in Maintenance and Repair, is called all over campus as part of his job. His skills and craftsmanship ensure that university assets are maintained in good working condition.

Get to know IPF: Johanna Faucett

If you’re near the Building Services Business Office sometime after 4:30 p.m. and it sounds like a concert going on, you’re not hallucinating, it’s just administrative assistant Johanna Faucett grooving out to her favorite tunes and taking advantage of the lack of interruptions to complete some important work.

IPF employee EMMA celebrates its one-year anniversary

It doesn’t talk much, and its personality isn’t anything to speak of; but it’s one heck of a worker, and a valuable member of the custodial crew at the Biomedical Physical Science Building.

IPF helps the MSU community memorialize its people and history

For more than 150 years, MSU has given campus and community members the opportunity to celebrate the lives of those dear to them via the Commemorative Tree and Bench Program.