Facility Coordinators Work Group

June 5, 2018

IPF staff have been facilitating regular meetings with building managers, coordinators, contacts and experts across MSU’s campus since 2016. As the group has gained momentum, the coordinators want to share meeting content with a broader audience. 

The Facilities Coordinator Work Group (FCWG) meetings allow participants to present ideas and discuss solutions around facility related topics including industry best practices, sustainability, long range planning, maintenance, operations, renovations and campus facility coordination. 

Campus customers and administrators network, develop relationships and share lessons learned. The meetings also provide an opportunity for members to present best practices so others can see MSU specific and real-world application examples that pertain to daily work activities. 

Recently there has been a wide range of campus participation and a large amount of interest. This led to the need for technology to better connect participants outside the meetings. Teams was implemented at no extra cost to the work group as it’s already a campus wide resource provided by MSU Technology. Meetings are held every other month, excluding summer construction season. 

Teams is an application within the Office 365 platform and is a chat-based workspace tool that allows you to manage conversations, files and tools in one team workspace. It can be used across multiple devices. 

“This has been a great communication tool that is more accessible as the university has implemented Office 365 (Spartan Mail) across campus,” said Tiana Carter, Operations Coordinator for Planning, Design and Construction. 

A mobile-friendly, interactive building contacts map also is being created. 

“It will be an interactive, mobile friendly map where frontline staff can click on a building and the contact person and info will pop up,” Carter said. “We are at the beginning stages, but there will be an annual survey sent out to the campus community identifying their emergency contacts and building contacts. We are working with IT Support, DPPS, the Mobile Training Team and a few other internal IPF folks to help build this.” 

The team plans to send the survey out later this summer.