Get to know IPF: Aubrey Hoermann

Get to know IPF: Aubrey Hoermann

January 18, 2019

Jan. 2, 2019

As service manager at MSU Bikes, Aubrey Hoermann’s job covers both bike maintenance and helping other mechanics troubleshoot repairs as necessary. Working with customers, answering questions and offering advice also make up a big part of his duties. 

Hoermann believes bicycles are one of the most elegant inventions, withstanding a solid design for over 100 years. “I get to keep them running, and give them some holistic treatment,” he said. “Talking with people about their bikes, and trying to squeak in a bit of knowledge, a little history, or stoke some enthusiasm really makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile.” 

Hoermann talked about how we all remember the sense of freedom and joy our first bike gave us. “My reintroduction to bikes as an adult came through working as a bicycle courier in Detroit, and later in San Francisco. Understanding my bikes, and working on them, became necessary,” he said. “The culmination of that was having my own bike shop in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco, where we were known for and specialized in lovingly refurbishing high quality, steel-framed bikes from the 80’s and 90’s. Our customers were commuters, messengers, enthusiasts, students and everyday people.” 

Before joining MSU, Hoermann was involved in the music world. “Around the turn of the century, I was co-founder and executive producer for a Detroit-based techno/electro record label,” he said. “We had a handful of releases that sold all around the world, as well as hosted some memorable club nights and events in the city. I’ve played some amazing events, met some incredible artists, and hung out in some epic back stages.” 

It’s no surprise that Hoermann is passionate about bicycles, not only repairing them, but riding as well. “I do like to ride bikes, often with my family, often in the meadow by our house or in the woods,” he said. “I will be exploring more gravel roads in the area this year, hopefully finding some hills in the process.” 

After 15 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hoermann is excited to be back in Michigan. “Having the opportunity to share my love of practical bikes in a university setting in a great shop located right on the Red Cedar River is putting a smile on my face every day,” he added. “Come in and say, hi.”