Get to know IPF: Doug Aves

Doug Aves leaning against a vintage truck that he helped renovate

April 23, 2019

When your mower’s feeling low, and you’ve got a field to mow, who ya gonna call? Doug Aves.

Aves, equipment mechanic, and 12-year veteran in Landscape Services, enjoys his ability to make customers happy using his many mechanical skills.

“There is a lot of problem solving, creating tools and fixing things,” Aves said.

The projects he works on range from fixing coffee makers and raising desks, to repairing mowers and fabricating a new type of tree trimming tool. He is one of IPF’s ultimate handymen.

“IPF does a lot of in-house creating, because it not only saves time, it saves money,” Aves said. “We keep MSU running 24/7/365, and thankfully we have the skills to solve problems and create solutions when they’re needed.”

His favorite part about the job is making things.

“There is never a set plan of how I am supposed to make something, so I like to dig in and see what are the customer’s needs, and come up with how to create it.”

In Aves’ free time, he works on building airplanes, race cars and boats. So far, he has built three planes that he has flown, along with his wife, throughout the state and country. During his time working at IPF, Aves has learned some secrets of the trade.

“If you make something for someone that looks really nice, they try their best to keep it that way,” Aves said. “That is one of the reasons I try my best with my work.”