Get to know IPF's Michael Chapman

June 25, 2018

As online shopping becomes more and more important, so does the job of MSU Surplus Shipping and Online Specialist Michael Chapman. Chapman’s responsibilities are to package and ship online orders properly and timely. He is also a back-up cashier, trouble shooter and fill-in at the MSU Bike Shop.

“I do the best work I can for Surplus and Recycling because I enjoy it,” Chapman said. “I’m committed to MSU, Surplus and Recycling, and my job. I actually like coming to work, which isn’t something you hear often.”

Before coming to MSU, Chapman worked as a travel agent for 18 years. He was Travel Agent of the Year in 2002, but after customers started using the internet to plan trips, he found a job with MSU. He has worked with Surplus and Recycling doing various jobs for seven years.

“Surplus and Recycling has something to offer the MSU community because of landfill diversion and giving items a second chance at a new home,” he said.

He mentioned the involvement Surplus and Recycling has with student organizations such as the Bee Labs for honey, the Forestry Department for maple syrup and the Dairy Store for ice cream.

“If a student organization wants to be involved, we try to make it happen,” he said. “I feel like MSU and the Surplus Store and Recycling Center in general is one big family which is one of the many reasons I enjoy working for MSU.”

Chapman also enjoys many of the other things campus has to offer.

“The dining options are phenomenal,” he said. “When attending a Wharton Center production, I enjoy dinner at one of our many dining hall areas beforehand.”

Chapman also likes to garden, camp, travel, and most important, cook big meals for his family and friends.