IPF business leaders focus on goals at retreat

April 9, 2019

March 13, 2019

With the focus on IPF’s vision to be the most high-performing, leading-edge facilities organization nationally, business leaders met last week to discuss organizational goals for 2019 at the annual strategy retreat held last week on campus.

Attendees reviewed performance scorecards for 2019 and then worked to create actions aligned to goals for the coming year. Executive and business leaders will finalize scorecards and associated actions to measure organization performance with them throughout the year.

“IPF had many successes in 2018 thanks to all of your hard work,” said Dan Bollman, IPF vice president for strategic infrastructure planning and facilities. “From dealing with record-breaking flooding on campus to breaking ground on key projects like the Music Building renovations and the water treatment plant, we are helping Spartans change the world each day. I want to thank each you for your contributions to IPF’s success. I know that in 2019 we will achieve even more.”

IPF team members will receive more information soon about scorecards for all of IPF and for each executive leadership section.

For 2019, no new organizational wide action plans will be added to the 12 now being worked on. Existing action plans include the Facilities Connect project that will replace the FAMIS system and completing the plan that provides mobile devices to IPF staff.

In response to feedback received from the employee engagement survey, business leaders spent time discussing ways to cultivate accountability and effective communications with a skill-building exercise led by MSU Human Resources staff members. Before the retreat Bollman challenged executive and business leaders to take action to help all IPF team members be as successful as possible, and set and maintain clear expectations for themselves and others, using a flywheel as symbol of continuous improvement that begins to drive itself.

“I’m beginning to see our momentum build,” Bollman wrote. “Campus has begun to notice IPF and the value we provide. We are beginning to be thought of as a ‘trusted adviser.’ We are becoming leaders on many initiatives across the university. It is our job to continue to apply pressure to our flywheel and build momentum.”

Additionally, executive and business leaders discussed how IPF would put an extra emphasis on safety in 2019 by fostering a culture of safety. Business leaders reviewed the injury rate of IPF staff and will provide additional training to help identify and avoid situations and behaviors that lead to injuries. More discussion and training will continue throughout 2019.