IPF collaborates on $2 million grant to help Michigan's industries

The TB Simon Power Plant and its two smokestacks against a clear blue sky.

August 12, 2021

Michigan State University will be home to a new Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) where faculty, staff and students will work with Michigan companies to save money, improve energy efficiency and shrink carbon footprints.

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded MSU $2.25 million over the next five years for this effort, which will support Michigan’s small and medium-sized manufacturers and commercial buildings. This is part of a national DOE initiative that began in 1976 and now funds 32 IACs across the country.

Ryan Gallagher, an HVAC Controls Planner/Inspector/Analyst at IPF will co-lead the outreach and resources part of the project. "I'll be a subject matter expert, leading the students on the energy audits at the facilities we work with," said Gallagher. "I'll also be working with George Berghorn, assistant professor in construction management, to bring students into the project."

Gallagher will use MSU's facilities as a learning laboratory to teach students about the types of systems and infrastructure they'll be evaluating at the participating businesses. 

The project is a collaboration between MSU, Michigan Technological University, and Henry Ford College to ensure that the IAC is suited to serve all areas of Michigan.

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