IPF helps students prepare for national competition

April 9, 2019

March 26, 2019

Landscape Services staff helped train two MSU Horticulture students, Colton Schlitters and John Slinkman, in preparation for their participation in the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) competition at Colorado State University. 

The NALP sponsors the annual National Collegiate Landscape Competition, where more than 700 students from around the country are invited to demonstrate their skills in various events. They also provide students the opportunity to network with top companies in the field. 

Marcus Duck, Department of Horticulture faculty member, contacted IPF campus arborist Jerry Wahl, asking for assistance in preparing his students for the tree climbing competition. 

“The students did not have much climbing experience outside of the classroom,” Wahl said. “We were able to give them a real opportunity to practice.” 

Landscape Services’ Allen Matthews, Andy Spitzley, Charles Sump and Jerry Wahl met with the students on several occasions to practice tree climbing techniques and provide helpful insights. 

“It was beneficial for the students to have multiple climbers give them advice and tricks that they have learned from working,” Wahl said. “They got to learn from a broad range of experiences.” 

The National Collegiate Landscape Competition is scheduled to be held at MSU next spring. Matt Bailey, Landscape Services manager, attended the competition along with the students to gain a deeper understanding of the event as MSU prepares to host next year’s events.