IPF partners to support MSU research

MSU archaeological research team poses for a photo.

April 11, 2018

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities just made transportation of research and other historical materials that much easier for MSU’s Campus Archaeology — a program that works to mitigate and protect the archaeological resources of the university. 

IPF first loaned the program a trailer last year. Archaeology then expressed a need for a trailer again this year and since IPF had just replaced that particular one, they were in a position to donate it.   

“The trailer donation is about our continued partnership with campus departments,” said Jeff Groll of IPF’s Support Services. “From time to time we support and lend a helping hand to campus departments when we can. Our core function is supporting IPF, although when called upon, we will do whatever we can to help the university achieve its mission.” 

Groll originally received the request from IPF Associate Vice President Dan Bollman inquiring about the availability of a trailer that could be donated.  

“We just happened to have the one we loaned them last year, and hadn’t gotten around to selling it,” Groll added. “To us, the impact is that we established an active partnership with yet another university department in which we can assist and support when we can.” 

Groll said he is happy with the way everything came together. 

“The project exceeded my expectations,” he said. “I was really pleased with my staff's attention to this, namely Tom Ryan, who went above and beyond with repairing the trailer and surprising everyone with the custom logo.”