KEYper system upgrades key management for IPF vehicle pool

March 12, 2019

The KEYper (key management) system officially went live on Oct. 16, 2018, and is in place to manage the motor pool vehicles at IPF.

Employees deemed eligible by their supervisors, and who work out of the main IPF building or Holden Hall can access the KEYper system, located on the wall across from room 127D. With supervisor permission, eligible employees can contact Tony Murdoch or Emily Berghorn in Suite 135 to be set up as users in the KEYper system. Employees will need their name, the proxy number from their MSU Spartan ID, job title and email address to complete their user profile.

“Using the KEYper system is quite simple, and only requires a scan of the user’s MSU Spartan ID to begin checking keys in and out,” said Berghorn, operations coordinator.

Procedures for checking vehicles in and out are posted next to the KEYper system. Basic guidelines are in place for the motor pool vehicles, as outlined in the Pool Vehicle Usage Policy.

“This upgrade helps achieve readily available transportation to many departments across IPF,” said Murdoch, operations coordinator. “The installation of the KEYper System has improved not only our key check-in and check-out process, but also produces data and metrics that assist in making educated decisions related to our vehicle pool.”

The data from the new system can help determine IPF’s need to add or remove vehicles based upon usage history. Another way IPF utilizes the KEYper system is in management of keys and vehicles across multiple shifts. For example, Custodial Services now has the ability to access the pool vehicle fleet on second and third shifts, helping to keep IPF running 24/7. 

Please note, first shift employees are only to check out vehicles for a maximum of two hours, and only for themselves. They are not to be used for all day transportation needs.

For questions or to contact Tony or Emily regarding the KEYper system, email or call (517) 432-0517.