MSU Bikes shifts sales into high gear

Students purchasing bikes at the surplus store bike sale

May 8, 2019

MSU Bikes staff worked long and hard over the winter months, saving more than 150 abandoned/donated bikes, and earning around $25,000 for the university in the process.

Their first big bike sale occurred in late March, and was extended another week to celebrate the MSU men’s basketball team making it to the Final Four. During this event, about 70 bikes were sold, with another 62 sold at the Surplus Store’s bike sale on April 13. Many folks came to the Surplus Store sale to pick up one of the hundreds of “as-is” impounded bikes that have been collected by MSU Parking, but ended up choosing one of the bikes refurbished by MSU Bikes.

“Refurbishment of these abandoned/donated bikes gives the MSU Bikes crew a nice change of pace from building new bikes during the cold dark winter days,” said Tim Potter, MSU Bikes sustainable transportation manager. “They really enjoy the unique challenge each bike presents, and the sense of pride seeing a neglected bike come back to life.”

Potter added “It's also a great way for junior mechanics to develop repair skills, working on the types of bikes that our campus customers normally bring in.  We also try to re-use good used parts on these refurbished units, adding to our sustainable mission.”