MSU Dairy Store honors IPF employees

March 12, 2019

At The MSU Dairy Store, there’s a flavor of ice cream so exclusive that it’s not even listed on their website. What’s even better is that this flavor was made to specifically thank the IPF team for their efforts in handling emergency weather situations in January.

The MSU Dairy Store “worked with our team to create a flavor in honor of employees...who kept the university safe and running during that time,” said Dan Bollman, Vice President for Strategic Infrastructure Planning and Facilities.           

This new ice cream flavor, dubbed the “MSU Polar Vortex,” features a mixture of bourbon vanilla ice cream, a butter fudge swirl, brownie pieces and chocolate-covered caramel cups. The flavor was designed to invoke a “feeling of warmth.” 

Brekelle Wiedenmannott, store manager at The MSU Dairy Store, launched the flavor on Feb. 22 and has seen an overwhelming positive reception since. “Our social media sites have been blowing up with responses and people saying they plan to come and get their share,” Wiedenmannott said. “I have friends and family members giving me orders to bring home some MSU Polar Vortex!” 

Wiedenmannott added that the drive to honor IPF was hammered home by their reliance on IPF services and maintenance. “We are constantly contacting IPF - be it for a leaky faucet, a cold office, new cabinetry and everything in between,” she said. “Sometimes our requests seem unrealistic and out-of-this-world to me, but IPF always responds and is ready to get the job done.”

“IPF staff are reacting positively to the new flavor,” said Sabrina Hebeler, IPF Chief of Staff. Hebeler spearheaded the project on IPF’s end after January’s polar vortex. “Being appreciated is always welcome. We try to do as much as possible in recognizing the work that our employees do every day.”

Wiedenmannott said that the MSU Polar Vortex ice cream would only be available for as long as the initial batch is in supply. “Since the flavor was released, we’ve gone through roughly a third of our stock.”