New art has Breslin “in flames” for years to come

Sculpture positioned in front of the Breslin Center.

September 12, 2017

Flames will illuminate the Breslin Student Events Center night and day as a result of Michigan State University’s newest art sculpture.

Symbolizing the Flame to Academia, “Victoria”, the flame-like sculpture located on the west side of the Breslin Student Events Center, was created to honor the academic events that are hosted within. The shape of the sculpture was influenced by the Spartan plume, shield, and spears.

“The color scheme is gold, rose gold, rose and stainless steel,” said Curtis Pittman, The sculpture’s artist. “Those colors will create this flame-like appearance.”

Stainless steel panels are coated in physical vapor deposition, which will make the monumental structure appear to change colors as the light hits it. When natural light is not shining down on the sculpture, 96 light fixtures will illuminate “Victoria.”

“There were some things that were important to me,” Pittman said. “I wanted people to be able to walk through the artwork and experience it from all sides. I really wanted it to speak this Spartan language but in a very different way.”

With a degree from Penn State University, Pittman has been working in architecture since he graduated in 2004 but has only been working independently for one year.

In addition to this new project, Pittman also participated in the creation of an art piece in Brody Hall.

“MSU has been the best client I’ve ever worked with – they’re super supportive of the art and the creative process,” said Pittman.