Construction Safety

Employee wearing personal protective equipment

Safety for business partners

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities is committed to maintaining safe working conditions for all those working with us or on campus. Much of the safety information needed to complete the job properly is included in MSU’s construction standards.  

Occupational Safety Compliance Officer

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities has an occupational safety and compliance officer devoted to keeping workplaces, procedures and operations safe for all involved. If you have a safety question or need assistance on a job site, please contact (517) 432-0211.

Contractor Safety Manager

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety has a contractor safety manager whose focus is ensuring safety of non-MSU personnel working on university property. If you have safety related questions or concerns related to non-MSU personnel, please contact the contractor safety manager at (517) 355-4094 or at

Many additional safety concerns are handled by MSU’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety. Information on the following issues and more can be found on the EHS' website.