Chemistry Building Laboratory Upgrades FRIB Radiochemistry

Exterior photo of FRIB and Chemistry Building

Overview of Scope:

Michigan State University operates the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) as a user facility for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science, supporting the mission of the Office of Nuclear Physics. During routine operation for its nuclear physics mission—without interfering with FRIB’s primary users—extra, unused isotopes can be “harvested.” These harvested rare isotopes can have a role in multiple fields of study, such as medicine, biochemistry, materials science, horticulture, and astrophysics.

With FRIB isotope harvesting, MSU is poised to be a leader in radiochemistry and nuclear chemistry education, and MSU can offer a fast development path for any rare isotope leading to innovations, generate intellectual property and stimulate external investment, meet a national need, and grow the program to leverage increasing federal interest and grant funding.

FRIB’s isotope harvesting program will be operational in 2024. FRIB and the College of Natural Science have hired three new faculty members to establish and lead a world-class research and education program in radiochemistry at MSU. The radiochemistry laboratory renovations in the Chemistry Building will support these faculty members’ research and education efforts.

The project includes renovations to provide wet bench laboratories designed to support radioisotope research and associated spaces, including offices. The renovations include a new exhaust system and radiochemistry hoods with HEPA filters serving these laboratories to provide the highest level of safety measures. This renovation is planned in conjunction with the College of Natural Science/Department of Chemistry teaching and research laboratory renovations.

The MSU Board of Trustees authorized proceeding with construction for this project in April 2023.


  • Construction


  • Construction start: May 2023
  • Substantial completion: Expected June 2024


  • $12.4 million

Capital project number

  • CP22097