Dairy Facility Renovations and Additions

Cows lined up while feeding at the MSU Dairy Facility

Overview of Scope

The MSU Dairy Facility structures date to the 1960s and have largely reached the end of their useful life. The recent electrical fire that resulted in the loss of the feed barn and silos has accelerated the need to address this outdated and at-risk facility.

In 2019, the College of Veterinary Medicine accreditation process noted the existing dairy facility was not appropriate for instruction. An interim alternative location was established for this purpose. A renovated and expanded dairy facility will reflect the changing industry. It will enable MSU to conduct research and teaching in a modern dairy facility that ensures the highest level of animal care and production with robust data-driven science, enhance much-needed studies on nutrition, genetics, animal well-being and environmental sustainability, as well as provide capacity to address the backlog of research (up to two years on funded projects), creating a pipeline of labor by introducing MSU students to modern, relevant dairy operations.

This project is anticipated to primarily consist of construction of new dairy facilities along with renovations at the existing location on south campus, leveraging some of the existing infrastructure, in particular the methane digester, expanded feed production capacity and nutrient management operations, and may be undertaken in phases.

The project is anticipated to be in proximity and immediately south of the current facility located on College Road in the agricultural district.

You can also view a live timelapse of the project.

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  • Construction


  • $75M


  • Design completed: April 2024
  • Construction start: May 2024
  • Substantial completion: expected September 2025

Capital project number

  • CP22033



Dairy Facility main research barn

Dairy Facility main research barn, shown prior to the fire and demolition of the silos.

Aerial photo of the Dairy Facility

The Dairy Facility facing south, prior to the fire and demolition of the feed barn and silos. The composting facility is in the upper right.

Barns at the Dairy Facility

Barns at the Dairy Facility.


Chris Barnes
Project Manager
barne137@msu.edu (517) 930-6653