Closeout and Transition


Closeout and transition are the final phases in capital project delivery. They begin once substantial completion is achieved. Assessments, evaluations and lessons learned are facilitated by MSU’s Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) Project Team during this phase. This provides the customer with an opportunity to provide feedback and suggest improvements in the Planning and Delivery process.


Closeout and Transition Steps

  • Complete any outstanding work
  • Project transition to customer and IPF maintenance operations
  • Coordinate training programs for new equipment and systems
  • Customer move-in
  • Final payments are made
  • Project assessments and lessons learned
  • Final financial reconciliation



  • Certificate of Occupancy (Temporary Certificate, Final Occupancy, 100 % Final Reports) if required.
  • Final drawings that reflect any changes (record drawings) and operating and maintenance manuals to client.
  • Building turn over to customer and IPF maintenance operations.


What You Can Expect

  • We provide ongoing communication of project status.
  • We manage project closeout activities; they are not linear and often overlap moving from construction to closeout/transition.
  • Ensure all closeout tasks and contractually procured activities are completed.
  • All expenditures are finalized and reconciled with MSU’s financial system. Any unspent funds will be returned to the funding source.


What IPF Expects

  • You attend customer training meetings, if new equipment is installed on the project.
  • You participate in walk throughs (at 3 months and 6 months) to ensure that the punch list, warranty and operational issues are understood and addressed.
  • You participate in a walk-through ten months after substantial completion, to identify any outstanding items that need to be addressed prior to closing of one-year warranty.