The budget at the start of construction is based on bids received on work to be performed by outside contractors, along with all other services required to deliver a complete project.

The construction phase begins with a pre-construction kick-off meeting, scheduled by the project manager upon receipt of a signed contract.

This meeting includes discussions of project requirements and the roles and responsibilities of all team members.

Throughout the construction phase, project meetings will occur to review progress and potential project impacts and to make decisions. The contractor typically leads and documents these meetings.

Contingency During Construction

The budget includes a line item for contingencies; potential changes to the work scope that may become evident during construction.

The construction contingency is a percentage of the project budget, typically 10 percent of the total project budget, encumbered to offset the cost associated with change management items. The amount varies, primarily based on the complexity and associated risks of each project. Occasionally a project may carry a more significant amount of risk, which may require more than a 10 percent contingency. This percentage will be carried until the risk is mitigated.

Samples of Change Management Items

  • Allowance adjustments
  • Code compliance
  • Constructability
  • Environmental issue
  • Poor soils
  • Hidden conditions

What You Can Expect

  • Coordinate scheduled pre-construction kick-off and regularly scheduled progress meetings.
  • Regularly communicate project construction status to customer apart from scheduled progress meetings.
  • Provide continuous project management.
  • Minimize the impact of construction to the occupants.
  • Ensure a clean and safe work site.
  • Regularly inspect for quality assurance.
  • Coordinate university and vendor-provided services.
  • Coordinate utility and other power-related shut-downs.
  • Coordinate owner training of new equipment and systems.
  • Transition to the close-out phase.

What IPF Expects´╗┐

  • You attend construction progress meetings.
  • You quickly communicate perceived issues or problems during construction.
  • You have a clear decision-making hierarchy.
  • You update your department (and dean, as appropriate).
  • You participate in owner training.