Lease Contact Delegation Guide

  1. You will need to log into the Online Odometer system using your MSU NetID and password. This is the same login information as you use to log into the EBS system.
  2. After logging in, you will see the Lease Vehicle Mileage Reporting screen.  Click on the Lease Contact Delegation button.
    • If you do not see this option and you are listed as a contact on a lease, contact Transportation Services. Lease contact delegation allows the contact person on a lease to delegate mileage reporting to others. The contact person of the lease is the only person that has the ability to add delegates.
    • Note: Entering an employee as a delegate to your lease allows the person added to enter mileage information for all leases for which you are listed as a contact.
  3. Enter the MSU NetID of the person you wish to add as a delegate for your lease mileage and click the Submit button. 
    • You will need to know the employee’s MSU NetID to add them as a delegate. If you enter an incorrect MSU NetID, the system will give you an error.
  4. When you enter a valid MSU NetID, the system will give you a message with the delegate’s full name and that they have been successfully saved.
  5. You can optionally add in an expiration date for the delegate. The calendar will pop up with you click in the expiration date field. If you wish, enter a date that you would like this person to expire as a delegate. You can add many delegates.
  6. Clicking on your browser refresh button will show you the current list of delegates you have entered/listed. To remove a delegate that you no longer want, click the Delete button next to their name.
    • The system will give you a message letting you know that you have successfully deleted the delegate.
  7. Refresh the browser screen to see your updated list of delegates.
  8. Click on the Mileage Reporting button to continue reporting your mileage.