Odometer Readings Guide

  1. You will first need to log into the system using your MSU NetID and password. This is the same login information as you use to log into the EBS system.
  2. After logging in, you will see the main Customer Service application screen.  Click on the Lease Vehicle Mileage Reporting menu item on the left.
    • If you do not see this menu item and you are listed as a contact on a lease, contact Transportation Services. If you do not see this menu item and you have been told to enter mileage, you will need to be listed as a delegate. To do this, the contact person on the lease you are reporting mileage for will need to log into this system and add you as a delegate.
  3. The system will automatically bring up the leases that you have authority to enter mileage for and are due for reporting.
    • Note: If the vehicle that you wish to enter mileage for is not listed, you either do not currently have authority to enter mileage for that vehicle or mileage has been entered in the past 20 days and it is not due for reporting. You can check this by scrolling to the bottom of the page and looking up the asset number in the drop-down list for historical information. If the asset number is not listed, you do not have authority to enter mileage for that vehicle.
  4. Enter the current mileage for the correct vehicle and click the Submit button.
  5. Once you hit the submit button, the system will display the information that you entered. This message will disappear when you click anywhere on the screen outside of the box or click on the red X.
    • Notice that once you’ve entered mileage for the vehicle, the information is displayed and you will not be able to enter mileage for this vehicle again for 20 days.
  6. To view the mileage that has been entered for a vehicle, scroll down the page to the Past Vehicle Activity portion. Choose the vehicle that you wish to view from the drop-down list and click Refresh List.
    • All the past mileage information will be listed, including mileage you have just entered.
  7. Click the Logout menu item on the left when you have completed entering milage.