Infrastructure Planning and Facilities maintains facilities and landscapes used by academic or administrative departments supported by the university's general fund (i.e. permanent facilities of the main campus).

Visualize a common classroom or office building empty of furniture, office machines, people, programs, computers and similar features. Generally, anything remaining is considered the funded responsibility of IPF. If the equipment or work in question does not meet this test, then it is the individual department's responsibility.

Facilities with other funding sources, such as grants or self-supporting enterprises. (i.e. residence halls, intercollegiate athletic facilities, and medical clinics) are not IPF funded service areas.


Items funded by IPF

  • Plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation
  • Interior and exterior of buildings
  • Electrical repairs of all types including primary and secondary systems
  • Hardware, locks, keys, closers
  • Elevators
  • Utility distribution systems inside buildings — electrical, heating, process steam, water lines, gas lines and sewer lines (storm and sanitary)
  • General cleaning
  • Floors, refinished (annually, as needed)
  • Carpets, cleaned (annually, as needed)
  • Landscape maintenance (mowing, pruning, mulching, etc.  Not including installation or plant replacements)
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Maintenance of surfaces such as roads, bridges, sidewalks, building entrances, bike paths and terraces, as well as the upkeep of parking lots and ramps


Items excluded from IPF funding

  • Through-wall or window air conditioners
  • Laboratories and associated equipment and related utility piping
  • Inventoried equipment
  • Carpeting and draperies
  • Distilled water systems
  • Compressed air systems and other air supply systems not intended for building environmental (heating and ventilating) control
  • Vacuum systems
  • Movable classroom seating
  • Data and telephone systems
  • Wire, fiber optics and wireless media needed to support data and telephone systems
  • Window cleaning
  • Office carpet cleaning or hard floor refinishing
  • Building use outside of normal hours
  • Additional frequencies of service
  • Office move out detail cleaning


Are additional services available?

Yes. IPF will work with the requesting department to determine the work necessary and provide an estimate to the customer.