Construction worker with drill

Planning, Design and Construction

We build and maintain the cutting-edge facilities that let you build a better future.

Services Include

  • Consultation
  • Estimates
  • Customized improvements
  • Comprehensive renovation
  • Interior design

Faculty readiness program

Through the Faculty Readiness Program, we work with incoming faculty to ensure you have all the resources necessary to your success as a new member of the Spartan community.  You can submit a Faculty Readiness service request to initiate our assistance.


You can submit a service request to initiate a complimentary consultation regarding the specifications of your proposed renovation.

Scope of service

Our comprehensive renovation service includes

  • Interior design services
  • Moving services
  • Equipment installation
  • Energy consultation
  • Space renovations 
  • Space planning
  • Electronic services

On a smaller scale, we also offer solutions for individual workplace components, including

  • Blinds
  • Cabinets
  • Flooring
  • Metalworks
  • Paint
  • Carpentry

Professional and Design Services

IPF Planning, Design and Construction is primarily a self-supporting department responsible for all construction on campus. Visit Budgeting and Billing to learn more.


IPF Planning, Design and Construction (517) 355-3372