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The Demmer Center vision is to develop a world-class archery facility and training center that provides a safe, clean, family atmosphere appealing to both archery shooters and non-shooters across all demographics with or without disabilities. The Demmer Center includes indoor archery range facilities to allow year-round use and is designed to accommodate a variety of archery activities. We utilize the latest in archery range technology and our facility is designed in an environmentally friendly manner. We are also Green Certified by the MSU Sustainability Office.

The center is open to the general public. We provide educational, recreational, and competitive archery opportunities for the whole family. We facilitate the activities of the MSU Archery Team and Club. The Demmer Center is conveniently located and provides a venue that may host regional, state, and national competitions.

The Demmer Center is part of the Easton Foundations Archery Centers

The center’s enhanced vision includes the following:

  • Developing a community-based archery club that recruits and involves diverse youth and adults with and without physical and visual disabilities in sports and physical activities regardless of skill level or interest.
  • Developing a comprehensive, community-based Olympic and Paralympic sport club network as a foundation for an athlete pipeline.
  • Providing community-based archery program opportunities for injured service members and veterans to continue sport participation upon integration back into their home communities.
  • Creating a national, unified, community-based Olympic and Paralympic archery club network that provides a grassroots branding campaign to educate individuals on the opportunities and benefits inherent in archery and physical activities for diverse people with or without physical and visual disabilities.

The Demmer Center is anti-discrimination and we want everyone to feel welcome and safe. Any forms of discrimination will not be tolerated. Its staff also is a mandatory reporter as required by MSU's relationship violence and sexual misconduct policies. If there is a problem please let us know, 517-884-0550.



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Our History

When John Demmer attended Michigan State University in the 1940s, followed by his founding of the Demmer Corporation in Lansing in 1950, no one at the University knew at that time the dramatic impact the Demmer family would have on campus in the nearly 60 years that followed.  The tremendous success of the company combined with a passion for everything Spartan has resulted in John, his late wife Marnie, their sons Bill and Ed, and their daughter Peg, becoming a family of stellar MSU contributors.

In addition to John and Marnie Demmer, other major contributors include the Archery Trade Association, the Hal Jean Glassen Memorial Foundation, and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Included as part of the Demmer Center is the Becky and Bob Humphries Community Archery Park, named to honor the couple for their lifetime devotion to outdoor sports.

My wife, Marnie, and I met at MSU prior to World War II, and the University has been a very important part of our lives ever since. It has been our fondest wish that this spectacular facility will help inspire respect for shooting sports and that it will be replicated at other institutions.

It feels great to be helping Michigan State University bring a world-class facility to its campus for the promotion of shooting sports.
John Demmer