165 Years: Celebrating MSU's Founder's Day

Photo of the MAC Power Plant and vehicles in a parking lot

IPF Communications

February 13, 2020


Michigan State University was founded on February 12, 1855.

While Infrastructure Planning and Facilities was formed in 2013, the dedication and spirit of maintaining MSU’s expansive campus and facilities has been around for decades, back to the founding of the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan in 1855. Since then, campus has grown from a few buildings and a handful of students to one of the largest, most innovative college campuses in the United States.

To meet the needs of students, faculty and staff, university facilities have been on a constant road of evolution. From humble beginnings of log cabins off Wilson Road, to the newly completed Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building and the soon-to-be completed STEM Teaching, Learning and Interdisciplinary Research Facilities, university facilities have always pushed the limit of possibility, innovation and achievement.

Today, with more than 24.5 million square feet of building space and 5,400 acres of main campus requiring preventative maintenance and care, IPF is honored by the legacy of those who put in the work to ensure future Spartans have the facilities they need to make the world a better place.

Happy Founder’s Day to Michigan State University! 165 years looks good on you.

Photos from the years

All photos taken from the Infrastructure Planning and Facilities archives


Photo of the first boiler on the MSU campus
The first boiler and power plant on MSU's campus, c. 1880



Photo of the construction of the MSU Agriculture Building
Construction of Agriculture Hall, c. 1908



MSU Union construction process
MSU Union undergoing renovations, c. 1947



PHoto of construction on the Shaw Lane Power Plant, basement slab pouring
Turbine room basement slab construction, Shaw Lane Power Plant, c. Nov 1957



MSU Spartan Stadium, including MSC Power Plant Tower
Laying flooring down in Spartan Stadium, c. 1970-90



Photo of MSU grounds crew standing by tractor
MSU Maintenance Services employees, c. 1970-90



Employee tying chairs together inside Spartan Stadium
Employee setting up chairs for graduation, c. 1970-90



Photo of IM East facilities under construction
IM East, north elevation job progress, c. June 1988



Photo of employee standing in the Breslin Center construction zone
Employee standing in front of the soon-to-be completed Jack Breslin Student Events Center, c. May 1989



Photo of construction worker on steel beam, STEM building
Construction worker on steel beam, STEM Teaching, Learning and Interdisciplinary Research Facility, c. Oct 2019



Inside of MSU Wonders Hall renovation
Wonders Hall teaching, learning and student support renovation, c. January 2020