Water shutdown

What is being done?

Temporary shutdown of domestic hot and cold-water systems.

Why is this being done?

To repair the hot water recirculation line.

How will this impact building occupants?

During this shutdown, there will be no domestic water service to the fourth floor - north wing, including sinks, lavatories, toilets, urinals, showers, and eye washes. The following rooms will be affected: 4110, 4110A, 4118, 4121, 4122, 4124, 4126, 4129, 4133, 4135, 4137, 4138, 4138A, 4138B, 4140, 4142, 4143, 4145, 4145A, 4147, 4150, 4155, 4155A, and 4160.

Note: Eye washes and safety showers will not work during this water shutoff. Do not work with corrosive or injurious liquid chemicals where there is a possibility of a splash to the eyes or body during this time.

Who can I contact for more information?

Ken Hypes, Planner/Inspector/Analyst, at (517) 899-3109 or, or IPF at (517) 353-1760.