IPF maintenance and construction notices

Active Notices

Daugherty Football Building Parking Lot 78 Closure

Duffy Daugherty Football Bldg Parking Lot 78 ·
Parking lot 78 on the west side of the Daugherty Football Building will be closed due to building demolition/reconstruction and parking lot reconfiguration.

MSU Library, West Wing Basement

MSU Library, West Wing Basement ·
Upgrade of HVAC systems and installation of insulation in the west wing basement and mechanical rooms, as part of overall energy conservation measures initiative.

Biomedical Physical Sciences

Biomedical Physical Sciences ·
Renovations to room 3203 to create two new reflection rooms separated by an operable partition.

Farrall Hall

Farrall Hall ·
Alterations to room 131 to include installation of new doors.

Holmes Hall

Holmes Hall ·
Conversion of room C110 into a single-use, ADA-accessible restroom.

Business College - North Elevators replacement

Business College - North ·
Replacement of elevator cars 1 and 2 that are reaching the end of their useful life.

Communication Arts and Sciences

Communication Arts and Sciences, rooms 184, 185, 185A, and 189 ·
Renovation of rooms 184, 185, 185A and 189 in order to create more collaborative environments.

Baker Hall

Baker Hall ·
Beginning Thursday, February 23, from 6 am to 4:30 pm, Monday-Saturday, for approximately 3 months, lamps will be upgraded from 4’ fluorescent lamps to LED fixtures in hallways and office areas throughout the facility.

Packaging Building

Packaging Building ·
Light fixture lamps will be upgraded from 4' fluorescent bulbs to LED bulbs in hallways, labs, and offices throughout the facility.

Campus Fire Alarm Testing Schedule for March

Anthony Hall, Engineering, Hannah Administration, Clinical Center, Spartan Stadium, and Vet Med Complex ·
Testing of life-safety fire alarm systems. During the first hour of each test, technicians will test the speakers and strobes to ensure functionality. Technicians will then bypass the speakers and strobes in the facility to test all initiation devices on the fire alarm silently.

Testing is an annual requirement of the National Fire Protection Agency.

Future Notices

International Center - Water Shutdown

International Center ·
Replacement of a domestic cold water pipe on the main water service due to an active leak.

Life Science Building

Life Science Building ·
Emergency repairs to vacuum pump due to multiple failures.

Veterinary Medical Center, Room D126B

Veterinary Medical Center, Room D126B ·
Abatement of approximately 82 square feet of asbestos-containing tile and mastic.

Fee Hall – East Wing

Fee Hall Ste A310 ·
Abatement of asbestos containing materials in Fee Hall Ste. A310. During this project approximately 908 sq. ft. of flooring and associated mastic will be removed in preparation for/as part of the Fee Hall – Ste. A310 Paint and Carpet project.

Veterinary Medical Center

Veterinary Medical Center, rooms A40, A41 and A194A ·
Shutdown of HVAC-1 in order to replace unit.

Communication Arts

Communication Arts ·
Relocate existing fire suppression heads as part of the Communication Arts – Alterations to Rm. 189 project.

Farm Lane Bridge Reconstruction

Farm Lane bridge and the Farm Lane roadway between and including the intersections with North Shaw Lane and Auditorium Road ·
Farm Lane bridge and road closure with multiple detours

Campus-wide Generator Testing Schedule for April

Campus wide ·
Testing of the life-safety generators, as a monthly requirement of the National Fire Protection Agency.

Multicultural Center Construction Notice

North Shaw Lane and Farm Lane intersection ·
Construction will begin on the new Multicultural Center, which will support the overall mission and goals of Michigan State University to foster a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment. The location is the northeast corner of the North Shaw Lane and Farm Lane intersection; west of Shaw Hall.

I.M. Sports West - Outdoor Pool

I.M. Sports West - Outdoor Pool ·
Demolition of the I.M. West outdoor swimming pool with site restoration.