IPF maintenance and construction notices

Active Notices

Farm Lane bridge traffic shift

Farm Lane bridge over the Red Cedar River ·
Farm Lane bridge traffic shift

Monthly Generator Testing - January 2022

Campus Wide Monthly Generator Testing - January ·
Testing of the life-safety generators, as a monthly requirement of the National Fire Protection Agency.

Future Notices

University Research Containment Facility

University Research Containment Facility ·
Routine and preventive maintenance of the HVAC systems in order to extend the life of the equipment.

Clinical Center

Clinical Center ·
IPF HIgh Voltage Crew needs to flip normal sources of power for the XDP#5 ATS to remove the last PCB transformer installed in the electrical vault, and replace with a new transformer.

Akers, Holmes and Hubbard Halls

Akers, Holmes and Hubbard Halls ·
IPF Maintenance staff will be cleaning the gutters and inspecting the condition of the roof, to make sure roofs are in good working condition and have proper drainage. This activity will occur from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, beginning on Thursday, January 20, and lasting through Friday, February 4, weather permitting.

Broad College of Business Minskoff Pavilion

Broad College of Business Minskoff Pavilion ·
Installing safety grading in top of elevator hoist way to provide safe access for maintenance.

Engineering Research Complex

Engineering Research Complex ·
HVAC 3 will be shutdown in order to repair sheaves and belts due to failure.

Student Services room 134

Student Services room 134 ·
Abatement crews will abate approximately 400 square feet of damaged floor tile and mastic from room 134.