Campus Infrastructure Planning Work Group

Campus Infrastructure Planning Work Group

Committee purpose

The purpose of this committee is to review and advise the Executive Vice President for Administrative Services (EVPAS) and the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs (Provost) regarding the compliance of campus-wide and project-specific planning, design and construction efforts with the current version of the Campus Land Use Master Plan, including the planning principles, recommendations, and zoning ordinance contained therein.

The committee is constituted to enhance infrastructure planning and project delivery coordination. Infrastructure, as defined, is comprised of above- and below-grade utilities, roads, parking areas, walkways, open spaces and architectural systems.

Committee responsibilities

  • Review major new construction and renovation projects (>$1.0 million) for compliance with the Campus Land Use Master Plan’s planning principles, recommendations, and zoning ordinance prior to Board of Trustee (BOT) action for Authorization to Plan (Step 1) and Authorization to Proceed (Step 2).
  • Review construction and renovation projects that require a footprint change or that cause a material change to the campus landscape per the University Zoning Ordinance.
  • The committee will be provided an understanding of programmatic needs, goals and objectives in order to accurately review project components, however it will not question the validity of a particular project’s program, which is the purview of the Provost and the EVPAS.
  • The committee will help inform an understanding of project impacts to proximal, district, and campus systems and its deliberations will be guided by the expertise of its membership including, but not limited to, site design, accessibility, storm water management, environmental sustainability, energy conservation, building materials and aesthetics, capital renewal, utilities and infrastructure, circulation, parking, transportation, health and safety, and security issues. 
  • Provide advice, either for or against, a project moving toward BOT consideration. The committee will provide information regarding specific issues (design or procedural) for consideration by the EVPAS and the Provost.
  • Advise the Project Team on the proposed communication strategy, helping ensure involvement of appropriate university entities.
  • Serve as the steering committee for future Campus Land Use Master Plan updates and the development of district-level land use plans.
  • Conduct periodic post-completion project reviews in order to improve committee effectiveness.

Committee structure

The committee will be comprised of the following members or a designated representative. Additional members may be recommended by the committee to the Provost and EVPAS for consideration.

  • Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs (John Gaboury for June Youatt) - CHAIRPERSON
  • Athletics Deputy Director Facilities (Greg Ianni)
  • Planning, Design and Construction Director (John LeFevre)
  • Campus Planner (Steve Troost)
  • Environmental Health and Safety Director (Kevin Eisenbeis)
  • Executive Vice President for Administrative Services (Christine Carter for Satish Udpa)
  • Facilities Planning and Space Management Director (Barb Kranz)
  • Land Management Director (Chuck Reid)
  • MSU Police Chief (John Prush for Jim Dunlap)
  • Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities Director (Mike Hudson)
  • School of Planning, Design and Constructions Director (Ming-Han Li)
  • Chief Sustainability Officer for Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (Ann Erhardt)
  • Campus Sustainability Director (Amy Butler)
  • University Physician (David Weismantel)
  • Vice President for Auxiliary Enterprises (Kelly High McCord for Vennie Gore)
  • Vice President for Development (Suzette Hittner for Bob Groves)
  • Vice President for Research (J.R. Haywood for Stephen Hsu)
  • Associate Vice President for Strategic Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (Dan Bollman)
  • Vice President for Student Affairs and Services (B.J. Abrams for Denise Maybank)
  • Vice President and Chief Information Officer (Brian Loomis for Rob McCurdy)
  • Water Research Institute Outreach Specialist (Ruth Kline-Robach)
  • Interim Associate Provost for University Outreach and Engagement (Laurie Van Egeren)