Hannah Administration Building

Hannah Administration Building - Update

Construction notice

What is being done?
  1. Closure of the sidewalk and staging area on the South West corner of building, to complete the roofing replacement and masonry restoration of the Hannah Administration Building.
  2. Roof replacement for the entire building except loading dock, to maintain protection of the building interior.. The upper penthouse roof to be completed late October through December. First level roofing to be completed by the end of August.
  3. Limestone cleaning on exterior building envelope requires a swing stage around building August 16 – mid-December, to enhance aesthetics of building exterior and protect from exposure to natural elements.
  4. Exterior window cleaning to be completed by December 17, to clean residue caused from the masonry restoration and previous dirt buildup.
  5. Window screen replacement to be completed by the end of December; existing material causes green markings on building limestone. New screens have sun-blocking properties that will assist building HVAC equipment efficiency.
How will this impact building occupants?
  • There will be noise during tear-off and replacement of roofing materials.
  • Temporary pedestrian detours will be expected on sidewalks.
  • During window cleaning and masonry restoration, a person may be able to see into your office from the window.
  • Possible odor from masonry cleaning materials and roof torching.
  • Intermittent crane use on southwest corner of building will be coordinated during the upper penthouse roofing replacement in December.
Who can I contact for more information?

Tony Gibson, Project Manager, at 517-899-2417 or gibsonan@msu.edu, Brandon Charland, Lead Designer, at 810-836-4594 or bcharlan@msu.edu, or IPF at 517-353-1760.


Project Number: CP21016