McDonel Hall

McDonel Hall

Construction notice

What is being done?

The scope of the project includes replacement of the domestic hot water main piping at McDonel Hall in the center section, connectors, and living wings; and replacement of domestic cold water main piping in the living wings.

Why is this being done?

To replace domestic hot and cold water main piping at McDonel Hall.

How will this impact building occupants?

Starting on May 6, there will be barriers in designated work areas to protect building occupants and workers during all piping work, various water shutdowns, and intermittent construction noise in the vicinity of the affected areas along with contractor traffic. Offices, classrooms and restrooms may not be accessible during certain periods of construction. Detailed communications regarding designated work areas and water shutdowns will be distributed throughout the course of the project.

Who can I contact for more information?

Bryan Anderson

Mechanical Engineer

(989) 912-5094