Monthly Fire Alarm Testing - May to July 2021

Specific buildings on campus

Fire alarm testing

What is being done?

Testing of life-safety fire alarm systems in campus buildings. During the first hour of each test, technicians will test the speakers and strobes to ensure functionality. Technicians then will bypass the speakers and strobes in the facility to test all initiation devices on the fire alarm system silently. Air handlers throughout the facility will be shut down one at a time to test duct detectors as well.

The scheduled testing will be done on the dates shown below with possible back-up dates the end of each month.

MAY 2021

Building Date
Auditorium 5/10-5/11
Biochemistry 5/19
Central Services 5/4
College of Law 5/5
Communication Arts & Science 5/21
Data Center 5/18
Farrall Ag Hall 5/17
Food Science 5/11
Hannah Administration 5/26
Human Ecology 5/3
Library, main 5/12-5/14
Marshall Adams 5/3
Molecular Plant Science 5/28
MSU Museum 5/25
Packaging 5/4
Plant and Soil Science 5/27
Spartan Village Community Center 5/4
Surplus Store and Recycling 5/17
T.B. Simon Power Plant 5/20
Wells Hall 5/24-5/25
Wharton Center 5/6


Building Date
Biomedical Physical Sciences 6/4
Bott Nursing 6/25
Breslin 6/28
Broad Art Museum 6/7
Central Services 6/24
Chemistry 6/8-6/9
Clinical Center A&D 6/18-6/22
Clinical Center B&C 6/18-6/23
Duffy Daugherty 6/29
EARL 6/24
Fee Hall 6/30
Henry Center for Executive Development 6/11
IM Sports - West 6/2
Jenison Fieldhouse 6/10
Life Science 6/25
Pavilion 6/3
Plant Biology 6/1
Radiology 6/17
Radiopharm 6/17
Spartan Child Development 6/24
Stadium  6/15/-6/16
Stadium (N Endzone) 6/16
Stadium (S Endzone) 6/15 
University Research Containment 6/23
University Stores 6/3


Building Date
4000 Collins 7/12
4000 Collins (Annex) 7/12
Abrams Planetarium 7/28
Baker Hall 7/27
Berkey Hall 7/28
Bessey Hall 7/14
BioEngineering  7/8
Central School 7/28
Chittenden Hall 7/13
Community Music School 7/13
Computer Center 7/28
Cowles House 7/28
Crop Science Lab 7/26
Demmer Shooting Range 7/26
Engineering (Elevator Recall) 7/11
Erickson Hall 7/14
Eustace Cole Hall 7/27
Food Safety and Toxicology 7/9
Forest Akers Golf Course 7/27
Geography 7/2
Grand River Ramp 7/27
IM Sports -East 7/2
International Center 7/7
Kedzie Hall 7/7
Kresge Art 7/28
Manly Miles 7/29
MBI 7/23
McClane Stadium 7/26
Morrill Hall of Agriculture 7/6
Museum Storage 7/29
Natural Science 7/15
1407 S. Harrison (fka Nisbet) 7/29
Old Botany 7/29
Olds Hall 7/16
Olin Health Center 7/27
Oyer Speech and Hearing 7/26
Psychology 7/16
Public Safety 7/29
Scene Shop 7/29
Secchia Stadium 7/26
Shaw Lane Ramp 7/27
Student Services 7/26
Vet Diagnostic Lab 7/2
Vet Med - Equine/Pegasus 7/19
Veterinary Medical Center 7/19-7/22
Why is this being done?

Testing is an annual requirement of the National Fire Protection Agency. Testing of duct detectors is to ensure proper operation of duct detectors that are designed to alter ventilation during a fire emergency.

How will this impact building occupants?

IPF will come through the building and test all the fire alarm devices throughout the facility. Please be aware they may need to access offices, closets, and laboratories during these inspections. Building evacuation will not be required.

Who can I contact for more information?

Brian Powe, skilled trades supervisor, at (517) 884-1371 or, or John Nurenberg, manager of electrical services, at (517) 432-0509 or, or IPF at (517) 353-1760.