Wells Hall (C and D Wings)

Wells Hall (C and D Wings)

Construction notice

What is being done?

Temporary phased relocation of office occupants to facilitate heating/cooling induction unit replacement.

Why is this being done?

The existing units are no longer able to be maintained due to the limited availability of replacement parts.

How will this impact building occupants?

Office occupants will be asked to perform their duties in other areas for phased periods.

Background: The building system is piped utilizing 24 piping risers, each affecting (on average) 2-3 rooms per floor. Functionally each riser affects a minimum of 14 perimeter offices and as many as 21. The estimated time to complete work on an individual riser is 15 working days during which:

  • The room contents adjacent to the window will be moved (using IPF Set-Up crew personnel. Covered totes will be provided to occupants to store their personal items and will either be stored onsite departmentally, or transported to secure storage by IPF. Totes will be labelled and catalogued.) ONLY half of the room adjacent to the unit needs to be cleared for work, and IPF moving and setup will move office furniture, etc to the door side of the room as feasible.
  • Openings will be cut in the wall chases on either side to disconnect piping and remove the existing unit.
  • The new unit will be piped and controls installed.
  • Patching and painting of the wall openings made to facilitate the replacement.
  • Room contents replaced.
  • The initial rooms impacted in C wing are: 136, 137, 232, 233, 340, 341, 437, 439, 540, 542, 641, 643, 739, and 741.
  • Phased this way, the replacement will take nearly 1 full year to complete, during which individual spaces will be affected ONCE for the 15 working day period.
Who can I contact for more information?

Todd Wilson, project manager, at (517) 930-7365 or wilsont@msu.edu, or IPF at (517) 353-1760.