Indoor event in large room


The IPF Campus Events Office provides logistical support for events, optimizes responsible stewardship of campus assets, and ensures that events adhere to all university policies and ordinances.

Submitting an Event Service Request

An IPF Event Service Request should be submitted a minimum of one full business week prior to your event. Larger and more complex events will require additional processing time.

NOTE: duplicate requests may result in duplicate services and charges.

Services include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Reservation of outdoor event space
  • Event setup
  • Equipment rentals (tables, chairs, stages, etc.)
  • Electrical support (generators, light towers, etc.)
  • Trash and recycling services
  • Pre- and post-event cleaning services
  • Outdoor landscape and grounds services
  • Management of light poles and exterior building banners

Cancel a Request

If you need to cancel an Event Service Request, email or call 517-432-0547 and include the SR or PR number. To guarantee proper cancellation of services and pending charges, submit your cancellation request at least two business days before the event


IPF Campus Events (517) 432-0547