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Customer statements

The Infrastructure Planning and Facilities customer statements can help you understand the charges billed to your account. Click on the button to the right to log into the customer portal and view your statements.

Click here for instructions on how to read your bill.

If you need to add or change information or have other questions about your bill, call (517) 432-0250 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or e-mail

Telecommunication systems billing

Telecommunication systems billing varies depending on the services performed:

  • Recurring monthly charges for ongoing services such as telephone, fiber optics, cable television and two-way radio services billed to an EBS approved general ledger number may be accessed through the IPF Telecommunication Systems online billing system.
  • Parts and installation charges for new or upgraded services such as a new phone or a hardware repair can be accessed on the IPF customer statement.
  • If you have any questions about your Telecom Systems bill, call (517) 353-5515 between the hours of 8-5 or email

Utility billing

The campus utility billing website allows customers to examine their building’s electricity, heating and cooling and water usage. Log into the utility billing system to see your stats. Visit the utility billing page for more information.

Funded responsibilities

Routine maintenance, cleaning and landscaping services are performed on a scheduled basis in all general-fund facilities (those areas that house academic or administrative functions supported by the university’s general fund). Department requests for services over and above routine and scheduled maintenance in these general-fund facilities will be billed for the additional services. 

Emergency maintenance (requires immediate attention) to structure or building equipment of all general-fund facilities are supported by the university’s general fund. Department requests for immediate emergency assistance should call (517) 353-1760, and will not be billed for these services. For all other buildings and tasks, however, the service will be charged to a departmental account.

The funded responsibilities page explains this idea more in-depth. To find out if a specific request is funded or not, e-mail or call (517) 432-3375 and an IPF representative will direct your call.


Click here to log in and access your IPF customer statement.

Customer assistance

If you have billing questions, call the customer assistance at (517) 432-0250.

If you have Pinnacle billing questions, call Telecom Systems at (517) 353-5515.