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Michigan State UniversityMichigan State UniversityInfrastructure Planning and Facilities
An aerial shot of campus showing several buildings with green trees and a blue sky.

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Infrastructure Planning and Facilities plans, builds and maintains the physical environment for the university’s education, research and outreach missions. The unit is comprised of numerous professionals who specialize in their areas of expertise, guaranteeing the best care and stewardship of MSU’s campus. As a unit, our collective vision is to be the most high-performing, innovative, leading-edge facilities organization in the nation, with a focus on quality, customer satisfaction and value in all we do.

Submit an online service request for routine or special services. If you have an emergency or need immediate assistance, call (517) 353-1760.

IPF Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: Deliver services and facilities that help Spartans change the world.

Vision: To be the most high-performing, leading-edge facilities organization in the nation.

In order to achieve our vision, IPF strives to operate by the following key values:

Stewardship: IPF is fiscally responsible and accountable for the resources entrusted to us.

Innovation: IPF is willing to take risks, which creates value for our customers.

Service Excellence: IPF exceeds customer expectations for enhanced teaching, learning and research.

IPF Strategic Objectives

IPF has identified three strategic objectives to guide its work and culture and to ensure alignment with MSU’s mission to advance knowledge and transform lives.

People: Strengthen IPF employee development by creating a comprehensive pipeline of T-shaped individuals.

Partners: Improve the customer experience by strengthening strategic IPF processes.

Stewardship: Enhance MSU stewardship by improving IPF efficiency and/or reducing cost.

In service to our customers

  • Honest and transparent communication: We will provide customers with timely, accurate and complete information, and will interact with each other in the same manner.
  • Value: We will be fiscally responsible with university and customer resources.  
  • Reliability and responsiveness: We will be there for our customers, 24/7/365, solving problems without fail.
  • Innovation and strategic planning: We will curiously explore new technology, systems and approaches to creatively and proactively solve problems, always devoted to what’s best for MSU.
  • Stewardship: We will be stewards of our campus and the physical infrastructure that comprises it, and make environmentally minded decisions that support a cleaner, greener MSU and world.

In development of our people

  • Expertise: We are committed to a high-performing, skilled workforce. We will invest in training and development to build and maintain experts in fields and master craftspeople.
  • Accountability: Our team members are accountable for their actions and embrace their responsibility as both IPF and MSU ambassadors.
  • Dedication: We will commit ourselves to customers and to problems, striving tirelessly to achieve optimal results and solutions.
  • Collaboration: We will develop our team members to be clear and consistent communicators and collaborators.


If you need immediate emergency service or have a general question about IPF, call (517) 353-1760. For routine or special services submit an online service request.