Manual of Business Procedures - Keys and lock service, Section 225

I. General

A. This section outlines procedures to obtain keys to university facilities and to get various other lock services.

B. The Key Shop is located in the Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Building call (517) 353-4881 during office hours. Emergency service is available after regular business hours and on weekends and holidays by calling Contact MSU (517) 353-1760.

C. While lock and key service or arrangements can be initiated by a telephone call, an authorized signature is required to maintain security.

II. Authorized signatures

A. The Dean, Department Chairperson, or a designated representative controls the distribution and duplication of keys for their assigned areas.

B. This authority is recognized by pre-submitted signatures. No key will be issued by the Key Shop without the written approval from an authorized key requestor such as a unit administrator.

C. Each department or college is responsible for periodic reviews of the master list of authorized key requestors and must submit revised authorized signatures to reflect staff changes.

III. Key duplication procedure

A. Original keys for a building and major building alterations are charged against the construction costs. Duplicate keys are charged to departmental accounts.

B. Duplicates are obtained by presenting a completed Request for Keys (Stores stock order #140-2548) to the Key Shop. A separate form must be prepared for each type (code) requested (i.e., master, submaster, room key, misc. key).

C. The Request for Keys must carry the signature of a unit administrator on the Key Shop's master list.

D. The person receiving the keys signs both copies of the Request for Keys. The original is returned to the department and the duplicate is retained by the Key Shop.

IV. Key assignment

A. Each college, department, or division issues keys to its personnel and is responsible for keeping records to assure building security and control.

B. The form Assignment of Keys by Departments, (available at the Key Shop to be purchased) assists in this record keeping. One completed copy should be filed in key number sequence and one copy alphabetically by name.

C. All keys should be returned to the department when an employee transfers or leaves the University. If any key is not returned, the department should complete a Collection Advice form requesting the Accounts Receivable Division of the Controller's Office to collect an appropriate amount. The amount may vary substantially, based on the type of keys, security needs and the cost of reestablishing security.