Current Projects

Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Original Building Construction

This new building, coupled with strategic renovations and improved utilization of existing space, will allow the university to align its research capacity with the timing of the recruitment of the new GII­ funded faculty.

Munn Ice Arena Expansion

Construction of a new public "front door" to Munn Ice Arena that will include memorabilia, additional concessions, public skating improvements and redesigned entry ways.

Red Cedar River riverbank restoration

The natural process of erosion slowly impacts all riverbanks. For the Red Cedar River, this process has accelerated due to an increase in regional urbanization. Increased impervious area, loss of floodplain, and greater stormwater runoff exacerbate the riverbank erosion.

Solar Farm - South Campus

Installation of an up to 20MW fixed or single-axis tilt, ground mounted solar array on 110 acres located south of MSU's main campus near the intersection of Jolly and Hagadorn Roads.

STEM Teaching, Learning and Interdisciplinary Research Facilities

Construction of a new laboratory instructional space supporting STEM disciplines is necessary to accommodate the current programmatic direction, address the obsolescence of existing facilities and increase operational efficiency.


Installation of a medium pressure steam boiler as part of overall power plant modernization

T.B. Simon Power Plant distribution bus reliability and expansion

This project will add five circuit breakers to distribution bus nos. 1, 2 and 3, and isolate future outages of this type to only the substation of origin.

T.B. Simon Power Plant R.I.C.E. building original construction

Installation of a high-efficiency electrical generation facility consisting of four Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE) with a combined power of at least 35 Megawatts, which will increase efficiency significantly.

T.B. Simon Power Plant reverse osmosis system installation

Changing technology allows MSU to consider a different approach for the next generation of power production.

Wonders Hall teaching, learning, and student support renovation

Renovations to the center section of Wonders Hall.