Current Projects

Biological Safety Level-3 Research Laboratory

Through its ongoing academic and capital planning efforts, the University has identified a need for additional Biological Safety Level-3 (BSL-3) research laboratory capacity.

Business College Complex – Eppley Center – student support and capital renewal

Replacement of HVAC and other building support systems along with first and second floor renovations.

Campus water system filtration plant and storage tower

The project involves construction of a 2 million gallon elevated storage tank that is 150 feet tall. Also included is a 11,500 gross square foot water treatment plant which will include water treatment processes such as chlorination and fluoridation (in addition to iron removal), which are currently done at the reservoir.

City of East Lansing Infrastructure Restructure

This is a project of the City of East Lansing, and is presented here as a courtesy.

College of Music Building Expansion

This project includes a 35,000 square foot addition to the southwest portion of the Music Building, along with renovation of 8,400 square feet within the existing building.

Cowles House - Addition 3 and Site Renovations

The project includes renovations to the facility to improve functionality and accessibility.

Duffy Daugherty Football Complex Alterations

The NCAA has increased the number of coaches a football program may have on staff, spurring interest in adding more space, as well as refreshing existing amenities. In addition, the technology in the Demmer Family Hall of History, located on the first floor of the Skandalaris Football Center, is somewhat out of date and would benefit from an update.

Edward J. Minskoff Pavilion

The Edward J. Minskoff Pavilion will provide new teaching and learning spaces to support an innovative business education curriculum. Modernized facilities will foster an integrated academic ecosystem using technology and collaborative spaces to train future business leaders.

Food Science Fruit and Vegetable Laboratory Renovation

The renovated laboratory and associated support space will provide a modern teaching, learning, and research space that will keep pace with the changing demands of the food processing industry and provide the capacity to train the next generation of food processing employees.

FRIB High Rigidity Spectrometer (HRS) and Isotope Harvesting Experimental Vault

This addition will house research equipment beyond the original FRIB scope and bolster MSU’s nuclear-science research program by expanding FRIB’s discovery potential and enabling isotope harvesting.